Snair Ranch & Cabin

Snair Ranch

After the death of three of their children in Central City, Richard Snair and his wife Sophia moved to this site with their two remaining children, cultivated ten acres and built the original Snair Cabin in 1875. A roadside exhibit on County Road 77 chronicles their lives at the ranch. The Snair Cabin (pictured) has since been designated a Park County Historic landmark and moved to Lake George Park to preserve its integrity.

Snair Ranch
Lake George Park
Lake George, CO 80827
(719) 836-4298

Lake George Park is open daylight hours throughout the year. From Colorado Springs, drive west on US Highway 24 to the town of Lake George. The park entrance is on the right, across the highway from the elementary school. The original ranch site is one north of US Highway 285 on County Road 77 and can only be viewed from the road.

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